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The intention of our film is to show non-traditional, unique in the world, breeding of horses in natural conditions, which is found in Slovakia on the territory of Murnska plateau andSlovak paradise and at the same time lives of people, who take care of them all year round. The film is strongly poetic, it focuses on the wild character and fragility of nature, uniqe flora and fauna of this environment, part of which became Murnsky Norik too. Although the breed is not an original animal kind, we can assess its impact as apositive one. If wild nature is the most genuine environment for animals, and the development of their skills, we can hardly claim the same about people, who take care of this horse breed. Their life is far from easy, miles away from todays civilization possibilities. Despite this fact they opted to swap comfort for a life with horses. Their motivation must be very strong. For many of them, i tis their childhood dream come true, love to nature, effort for the natural blending with the nature. These people are unique just as their nursed animals. Indeed through expression of their opinions we get to know all information about the Murnsky Norik breed, advantages of the breeding in semi-natural conditions, about what ways this noble animal may enrich our lives and where in this current world filled with technology, his role is irreplacable.

We believe we managed to inject the wonderful feeling of freedom in our film, the freedom, ahuman looses for habits he himself.