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The subjective view of the director gives the document an aspect of an emotional story-line. The film documents unique places of Danube´s alluvial plains and its rare fauna and flora but also it shows changes in river surroundings. The director is looking for an image of landscape he remembers and knows from the stories of his ancestors.

The document shows acute need of stopping the impact of river life and desire to live with its wildness, naturalness and authentic values.

1st Place

1st Place, Category Fresh water, The International Film Festival (IFF) Water, sea & the oceans 2020, Hluboká nad Vltavou, Czech rep.

1. miesto Kategorie sladká voda, MFF Voda, moře, oceány 2020, Hluboká nad Vltavou

2nd Place

2nd Place, Carpathian Basin Film Review, Nature films - International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő 2019, Hungary

2. miesto, Prírodopisné filmy Karpatskej panvy - Medzinárodný filmový festival Gödöllő 2019, Maďarsko

1nd Place

IGRIC 2018 Creative bonus for film and television production for film direction. IGRIC are the oldest film awards in Slovakia.

IGRIC 2018 Tvorivá prémia za ostatnú filmovú a televíznu tvorbu za réžiu

1nd Place

V4 PRIX for the best film from V4 countries - Mountains and City 2018

V4 PRIX cena za najlepší film z krajín V4 - Hory a mesto 2018

2nd Place

2nd Place, Wetland Videos public video contest: screening of nominated short videos, 9th European Ramsar Meeting, Olomouc 2018

2. miesto, videosnímky o mokradiach verejná video súťaž: premietanie nominovaných krátkych videí, 9. Európske stretnutie Ramsar, Olomouc 2018